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About The Program


The Real Estate Technology program at the University of Colorado Boulder is one of the world's first focused exclusively on real estate and technology.

Through undergraduate and graduate level courses, we dive deep and explore how technology is changing residential and commercial real estate.

The program is led by an experienced industry professional and includes a practical, entrepreneurial bent, with real-world application.

This program is part of the Leeds School of Business and the CU Real Estate Center

Our goals:

  • To investigate the short- and long-term effects that technology will likely have on residential and commercial real estate.

  • To communicate this information to real estate students in the Leeds School of Business.

  • To give students the skills necessary to immediately add value for potential employers in the field upon graduation.

This university class on prop tech is the only one of its kind.
— Ryan O'Hara, CEO at

The Course

Our inaugural real estate technology course began in the Fall of 2018. The course covers the entire spectrum of how and where technology is changing real estate.

Some of the topics covered include:

The course includes deep dives on a number of companies, case studies, industry guest speakers, business model analysis, and new venture planning and evaluation.

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Mike DelPrete


Mike DelPrete is a scholar-in-residence at the University of Colorado Boulder and leads the Real Estate Technology program. He teaches the class mentioned above, publishes industry reports and analysis, and has published the book Adventures in Real Estate Tech.

Mike is a strategic advisor and global expert in real estate tech. He is a former tech entrepreneur and head of strategy at a major real estate portal. Now he travels the world engaging with leading property portals and real estate tech businesses, working on strategy, sharing insights, and helping them grow.